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We are Trademark Specialists.

We have a team of professional attorneys specializing in trademarks, both in Thailand and in foreign countries. We provide services ranging from consulting to creating brand names and logo designs, to trademark similarity searches, trademark registrations, appealing decisions of trademark registrars, filing objections or revocations of dishonest registrations, ensuring that your trademarks and brands are fully registered and protected both in Thailand and abroad.

Trademark Registration
in Thailand

Trademark Registration
in Foreign Countries

Trademark Registration
through Madrid System

What is a Trademark?

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IDG provides Trademark registration services.

Global coverage / Comprehensive Global

We have partners around the world, including China, USA, European and ASEAN countries. We file and register trademarks to protect your brand at every stage in many countries across the globe. We do from trademark similiarity search, filing applications, appealing trademark registrar’s decisions, filing objections or revocations of hijacked trademark abroad.

IDG is a leader in trademark registration service through Madrid System 

The Madrid System is an international trademark registration system that allows you to simultaneously register trademarks abroad in more than 120 countries in a single application.

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